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    Mesquite Vase

    Shop time has not been one of those thigs that I have had a lot of. But I have gotten out every now and again for a quick fix. Here is one of the projects that has been worked on for a while now. It still needs to be Bealed but that is a couple weeks away. About 7 1/2 inch high and 4 inch accross. I got lucky with the figure from the knot. The base was where I was going to cut it off but liked it better with it on. I wish you could see it in person the pictures don't do it any justice. Insert is from Craft supplies.

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    Nice stuff Dennis.

    I have never seen anyone use their notebook keyboard for the photo stand and the display screen as the backdrop.

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    That looks real nice, Dennis. I've seen those stainless steel inserts in the catalog, but hadn't seen anyone use them yet. Should work out great.
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