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Thread: OK Fridays here

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    somewhere east of Queen Creek, AZ - South East of Phoenix

    OK Fridays here

    Whats on the agenda. For me it'll be shop church and shop with the race on iin the shop.
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    Finishing up my cabinet oops rebuild/repair and more DEMO

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    Final touches on the router table, shutters for a customer, some quality time with QuickBooks trying to set everything up based on my meeting with my accountant yesterday. Good thing I haven't done much business or I'd have a lot more fixing to do!
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    Moving some furniture tonight from storage to the new house. Got a whole crew of family coming over tomorrow to help out, so need the big table to feed them all.

    Saturday we have painting to do, connect a dishwasher, paint, build a wall, paint, move some switches, paint, installing bead board/wainscoting, paint, installing washer and dryer, paint, install about 25' of gas line for the stove, and did I mention painting.

    Checked the pool chems last night and everything was ideal. And going to pickup some ribs as well to smoke and feed the help.

    Sunday I may be going to pickup the new/used JD garden tractor.

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    Tonight going with the entire extended family to a street fair. Hitting a woodworker's swap meet tomorrow morning with my dad and then to a parade with family. Have to play single dad saturday afternoon and evening and then I get shop time sunday! I have about 20 blanks I need to rough turn!
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    We have auctions, all is good in the kingdom.

    Sat, auction and the towns annual hog roast. Big party and lots of dollars raised for the ball field/ playgrounds.

    Sun, church and then another auction.

    Homework in the mix as well.

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    Saturday the wife and I are going up to the Shaker village in Canterbury, NH again. She wants something to go in the upstairs hallway to hold blankets and stuff so she wants to check out a few designs.

    Sunday I should be ready to start the drawers for the pie safe.
    As always, most every Sunday, family dinner.
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    Our woodworking club is having their annual wood and tool auction on Saturday. Sunday me & the Mrs. are going to the Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs, NY.

    Have a great weekend everybody.
    Don Orr

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    I'm still vacuuming up water from our 'minor' flood. Need to do some computer fix-it on wife's new laptop. She can screw up a computer faster than anyone I have ever seen. I digress.
    Our county fair is going on right now. Tomorrow I might actually get to see it and help some of my favorite politicos there. May spend a big part of the day watching the Arkansas Razorback football team playing Georgia. This will be their first real test of the season.
    Sunday, church then probably mow lawn if we don't get more rain. Crash after that.
    I haven't said anything about the shop. Maybe I'll mill and stabilize the rediscovered nice wood Chuck sent me. Got a project on the lathe that needs attention.
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    Entertaining guests Friday, off to go watch my BIL be a Viking Saturday, and who knows what on Sunday.
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