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Thread: vacuum powered sander

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    vacuum powered sander

    Just got back from Lowe's. While there I noticed a sander in the drywall tools section that is powered by a vacuum. The tools were all made by Shop Vac, as was the sander. The box indicated this was a dust free sander perfect for drywalls. Looks very handy and the price is reasonable, just $29.95.
    Wondering if this is powerful enough for woodworking? If so, it could be very handy in the shop.
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    Only thing I can imagine is the torque required for wood sanding may exceed the torque requirements for drywall... I don't know, just a thought. At that price and your good looks, why not give it a try and report back...

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    Saw that a couple of weeks ago. Didn't look very close, but I thought it was elbow grease powered with dust collection.

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    I think Cameron is right...the ones I've seen at the Borg are essentially a sanding pad with a dust shroud around it. Don't know that I've seen the Shop Vac version, but I suspect it's the same based on the descriptions I've seen on the 'net.

    I remember years ago Rainbow (the home vacuum cleaner company) sold an oscillating sander attachment that was powered by the vacuum, but I don't think it's still being made.
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