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Thread: 10Lbs of sandpaper......

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    10Lbs of sandpaper......

    for $20US??????????

    Is it just me...or is this a deal?

    Anyone out there use this yet?

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    Klingspore is well known for it's sandpaper bargain boxes. They are very popular with a lot of wood workers.
    Downside is you don't know what you are getting. Unused can ruin the bargain aspect.
    Personally, I do not buy. I would rather buy exactly what I need. I like their Gold series of papers.
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    I have some of that. It is a good deal but don't get the coarse unless you use quite a bit of 40 - 60 grit. The paper is very good quality and outlasts my Norton 3X many times over. I'm sure it varies but I received several rolls of 3" - 5" width by several feet and section/rolls up to 12" wide. I bought the 20lb "box" to split with my dad. Two 10# boxes showed up so, that made the split easy enough.
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    It IS a deal if they let you choose only medium & fine grits in the assortment. I've gone thru two of those boxes over the last fifteen years or so.

    Most of what you'll get is end cut-offs from their belt making operation. Some will be 6~8 inches long and a foot wide; others will be a few inches wide and six feet long. Nearly all of it will be cloth backed red (emery?) abrasive stuff.

    I've cut quite a bit of mine into strips to fit my Performax - much cheaper than the commercial pre-cut stuff!
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    thanks guys

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