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Thread: The latest design (kayak)

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    The latest design (kayak)

    Just so you guys know I am not slacking. Just finished up the design phase and I am drawing the full size templates for this one. I think it will be named SlingShot. It similar to the Long Shot design so the named seems fitting.

    No plans on building it yet but it is be mulled over. Problem is I have too many boats but I don't want to sell plans to something that has not been tested/built either. This one is 18.5 feet long and hard chines so it will be lighter and easier to build than the Long Shot which has multi-chine and a much more rounded shaped hull. Of course there is compromise in all things.

    Should be a faster boat for the stronger paddler. Styling is little different than most. It my favorite part of this boat. I REALLY like the way it looks.

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