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Thread: taking pics

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    Question taking pics

    want to make my pics look better

    What is the best to use as a back drop color?

    What is the best to use paper or a material?

    I have a Kodak easy Share DX 4530 It says 50 mega pixels on the camera body.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Chuck, Neal Addy's tutorial is a good place to start:

    In general, neutral gray or off-white backdrops tend to work the best. I use a commercially-made gradient background that's printed on stiff but flexible plastic. You can also print your own on paper (Kinko's has large-format printers) for a lot less money. Here's a simple gradient background JPEG file that can be printed onto a large sheet of paper:

    (After clicking on this link above, right-click on the picture that's displayed and save it on your computer. Then you can use use that saved image file to take to Kinko's for printing.

    Also, you're missing a decimal point in your camera specs. It's a 5.0 megapixel camera, not 50.
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