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Thread: Hollowing rig back up and running & D-arm work

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    Hollowing rig back up and running & D-arm work

    I got a replacement laser for my Monster rig the other day and was up and running today. I took several hollow forms that were roughed out and finished out the inside. I know everybody like pictures so i took several to show the mix of them.

    One issue i now know well is that the one in the picture that has the black lines is one that I just applied tung oil inside and out and let dry inside on its own - it cracked bad and i mixed up some epoxy with black pigement and filled them in. In a few days ill sand them down and finish the vessel.
    All the others were soaked and none show any cracks which is now going to be my perferred way to go.....

    Then came the other project of rough drawing out the D-arm im going to make with thoughts and comments from others. There seems to be debate over the D-arm being 1" or 1 1/4....then dimensons were a question so I started by moving the headstock to the end of the ways .....then the tool rest at the other end but in a few inches - 41 3/4" ......emails said to make the D-arm frame 36" wide........
    So where am I at ? well I have down exactly how ill build it with a laser and how ill build the tool rest. What I am missing is being certain on the stock size and dimensions of the D arm frame..........have any thoughts on the stock size? or dimensions of the D arm let me know I would appreciate it.......I have a Jet 1642, 16" swing.....thanks ..........

    All photos show the vessels are not finished but im happy to have gotten the rig back up and running...........Thanks ......comments?
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