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Thread: Hi there!

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    Hi there!

    My name is Drew and I'm a 37 year old Paramedic from Ohio. I'm married with two sons and a little girl on the way. My whole family is completely NUTS over wood turning and I can't seem to learn fast enough to teach them everything they want to know.

    We joined this site for tips, tricks and project ideas. So far we are limited to Pens, pencils and key chains but we would like to learn more.

    Thanks for allowing us to join and we look forward to talking to all of you.

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    Welcome Drew and your family also you will fine some great turners here and all with great advise enjoy your stay and show us some of your and your familys work, would love to see some

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    Welcome! I'm sure some of our master turners will be more than happy to help you along!

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    welcome to the site and enjoy your stay
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    Hi Drew glad ya joined us
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    Welcome Drew. Always glad to have enother turner. Now don't go letting that Larry guy talk ya out of learning all ya can, as he want's to learn just don't want anyone to no.

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    Where in NW Ohio? I'm in NE Ohio - just NW of Youngstown.

    Coupla others are fairly close to you, too, in Michigan and Indiana.
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    I'm in Findlay, it's about 50 miles south of Toledo.

    If anyone is close I would LOVE to meet up sometime to see some of the work you have done. I'm limited to pens and key chains at the moment because thats all my current skill level allows for but I'm eager to learn!
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    Hello Drew. Make sure you post a lot of pictures.


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