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Thread: ShopSmith Lathe Tools

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    ShopSmith Lathe Tools

    When I started turning (about 1 month ago) I bought a cheap set of tools from Menards for 20 bucks. Figured I'd ruin those learning how to sharpen.

    About 4 days later I realized that I needed better so I went to WoodCraft and bought a Wood River set for about 50 bucks. They work well, I really like the HSS because I still have no idea how to sharpen a gouge.

    Today I found 10 Shopsmith knives on craigslist that I think I got a pretty good deal on. Only 1-2 of them actually has been used.

    Only 5 of the 10 had numbers. 555027, 555028, 555026, 555030, 555029.

    Can anyone tell me anything about them and what they are worth?
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    I have a set of those that I got with my Shopsmith years ago. Sold the Shopsmith but kept those. They are probably far from the best but they work Ok.
    I only turn a few pens from time to time. They would be a decent deal if under $40.
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    I also have this set of lathe tools that came with my shopsmith that I purchased about 18 years or so ago. The set when not on sale can be purchased for around $90. I have seen them on ebay for less. I still use them and they perform well. They are not a HSS steel so need to be sharpened more often but all in all, I do not have any issues with them.

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