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Thread: THANK YOU!!!!!

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    THANK YOU!!!!!

    Jim Burr, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got a box in the office this morning, sent a student for it, HOLY COW!!!
    Thank you very much, what an opportunity for my students to turn and see different species of wood and kits.
    For all of you to know his generosity (and many others as well have selflessly sent to my students boxes of blanks and goodies) here is a rundown of what Jim sent to my students.
    Ambrosia Maple, cedar, walnut, lyptus, spalted, birdseye maple, cherry, cocobolo, curly maple, mahogany, pecan, wenge, purple heart, bloodwood, ????, yellow heart, monterey cyprus, buckeye and others!!!! That is not all, a bag of slimline pen kits, a bag of Americana classic kits, a bag of 5 mm pencils, a bag of Americanas and a bag of euro pen kits. Also he sent me a pen!! Thanks Jim, never have made this style of pen, is it an Americana?
    The generosity of this family and its members is quite astonishing, overwhelming at times. You folks are amazingly open to sharing and it is my hope to always promote that and share that trait with you and my students. Pictures not at this time Sheriff Don, hope to get a few posted soon and do a better job of follow up on this shipment. We are just finishing our first couple projects on a lathe and will be starting pens in a couple of weeks.
    To Jim for this box of goodies and to all that have donated in the past (I have two large boxes of blanks from last year's donators), from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!
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    Very cool! Way to go Jim!

    Jonathan, can't wait to see some of those pens this year.

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    Great stuff Jim!

    Jonathan, I too look forward to seeing the results of your students.
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    GREAT job Jim
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    Way to go Jim. Oh by the way Jonathan you need a thank you too. Guys like you are making sure these guys have a taste of our hobby and you teaching them something they will remember for a lifetime by comparison to what my english teacher did not succeed in teaching me.

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    good job, jim!! looking forward to seeing your student final work this year jonathan...
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    It was entirely my pleasure sir. I'm am quite behind in "giving back" and hope to be rectifying that soon. Thank to troops for us!!
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