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Thread: you always worry about them

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    you always worry about them

    While I was writing my last post, my daughter called me.
    She was pulled over to the side of the interstate she drives to work each day. She had been rear ended by a woman who was talking on her cell phone. Accident wasn't serious, air bags didn't deploy. But, it was an accident.
    Daughter is OK. Dad is stressed thinking what could have happened. No matter the ages, she is 24, they are still your babies.
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    cell phones may save someone life but NO ONE NEED TO TALK ON THE PHONE WHILE DRIVING------I am glad that your daughter are okay

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    Tell me about it Frank, our 16 year old is far away in Canada, I think and worry about her every single day
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    Glad she is ok Frank.

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    Very Happy that all is well. And you are right...they never cease being your babies!

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