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Thread: Can You Keep Unwanted Guests Out of Your Bird Feeder?

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    Can You Keep Unwanted Guests Out of Your Bird Feeder?

    I guess Food was scarce that day!

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    I like that, sure my # is ........... have bow, Muzzle loader will travel. Opening day bear in Va I was asked to take a bear out of a friend farm who is killing all his chickens. Hopefully the 2nd of Oct I will have one on the ground.

    Great pic's
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    Wow. I had a mystery guest one night that ate all my bird seed out of one feeder. EVERY SEED. Like a quart of seeds. So I'm leaving them empty until a) we put up deer fencing and b) raise the height of the feeder.
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    Those pics make the rounds every now and then.
    Bears love bird seed.
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    yep, they like bird feed, as I saw up close and personal.thats the bird seed bin hes tossing around(look right above the grey trailer and where the white tent meet in the picture, I didnt have a decent camera with me)
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