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    Mop Closet

    I gave up trying to get my wife to stop putting the mops and brooms in the food pantry and made this cabinet to hold all this stuff along with the vacuum cleaner. It's 24 W X 15 D X 68 H red oak with golden oak stain and Waterlox finish.
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    Thats a cool idea Rickey, I may have to do something like that for my LOML
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    Neat idea Rickey.

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    That looks great, Rickey. Nice job.

    I'd like to build a cabinet like that for my wife, too. Of course we'd still need somewhere to store the mops and brooms, but it'd be a great place to put the little woman when she's cluttering up the place.

    (Man, I am SO glad my wife doesn't get on the Internet.)
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