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Thread: Peachtree Woodworking worth a visit

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    Peachtree Woodworking worth a visit

    I'll be in Atlanta in a few weeks and was wondering if a visit to Peachtree Woodworking Supply would be worthwhile. I plan on visiting Highland Hardware but was wondering if there are any other places anyone would recommend. I only have one day free so I can't be running all over the city.

    Wes Billups

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    Hey Wes,
    I'm not from Atlanta, but for what its worth, it seems like about half the stuff I order from Amazon is 'fulfilled by Peachtree'. I think they carry a wide assortment, mainly of low-end stuff. Lots of consumables (sandpaper, glue, etc.) I would want to visit Highland first, and hit Peachtree if there's time!
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    How about Wm. J. Redmond and Son, Inc.? I have bought from them and they have been very good to deal with. I have not been to their showroom but I remember someone saying that it was very worthwhile. They only deal in tools as far as I know so I suppose it depends on what you are interested in. Next time I am near Atlanta that is going to be my number one stop. Here is a link to their website if you would like to take a look.
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    Peachtree is worth the time to visit as well as Redmond & Sons. I have purchased quit a bit from both of them.

    Check their Web sites for driving directions:

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    I live in the north Atlanta metro area. I use Peachtree for low end stuff and sandpaper. I have been in their store on several occasions. it is very small. They have it only because they have their warehouse and manufacturing area behind the store. A lot of what they carry at the WW shows is in storage in the back or on the 2 50' trailers they haul to each show, every weekend.

    VERY nice people, just not a lot of cool stuff to look at.

    Now at Highland Hardware you get to touch and see a LOT of VERY cool stuff. Really knowledgeable people who love WW.

    I have not been to Redmond and Sons, but they are now a Rocker dealer with a new show room and they also are a SawStop dealer. However, Redmond is on the West side of Atlanta off I20 west outside the Perimeter. In other words it will be really hard to hit HH and Redmond is you have any real business to do on that day. ( I hate when my real job gets in the way of my WW hobby

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