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Thread: Casting Christmas Colors

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    Casting Christmas Colors

    For up coming craft shows.
    RE Pen Blanks using pen turning wood shavings.
    The green is Green Dyed Curly Maple, the red is Bloodwood and the Red and Green is a mixture of Green Dyed Curly Maple and the Bloodwood.

    All cast using Polyester resin and Resin Saver mold.


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    Those look fun Les. How do you attach the shavings to the barrel and what color paint do you use for barrel? Same for feathers too?
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    When I first opened this thread and saw the rough blanks I thought, well that is certainly not Les' standard of casts. Than I scroll down and holy moly, they look fine. Nce work.

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    Mighty fine looking blanks there Les!

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