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Thread: OT : Busy Weekend

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    OT : Busy Weekend


    On Saturday LOML and I went to the Peter's Valley Craft Show at the Sussex County (NJ) Fair Grounds. We wandered around and looked at all the exhibitors. There were some woodworkers showing some work that was just beautiful. LOML looked at all the baubles (my pet name for jewelry) and we managed to get out the door without buying anything. Sorry vendors . . .

    Today we went to the Warren County Antiques Fair near Phillipsburg NJ. There was a wood turner named Brad Sears doing demos with whom I stood around and watched/chatted with as he was turning pepper grinding mills.

    These 2 brushes with my recently dormant hobby have motivated me to get back into the garage and start making something. I got in over my head on the Morris Chair and it discouraged me. Now that the weather has changed and the garage is bearable again I need to clean out one last obstacle from the garage and I'll be back in the shop.

    Cue Gene Autry's - Back in the Saddle Again . . .



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    Great,now go get'em

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    Good for you, Jim. I have to mention that Eeyore is my FAVORITE. I have a Disney sweatshirt with Eeyore on the front (my favorite).
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    Welcome back to woodworking Jim. I had the pleasure of spending some time in Sussex Co. several years ago. Some spectacular scenery around the Delaware Gap area. And I really miss all of the diners and great local food. Never will see anything like that around here. 'Scuse me while I go choke down some Nebraska steak.

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    glad to hear it Jim.

    wonder what happenned to brian?

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    Good to see you're back at it Jim, looking forward seeing your progress.

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    Great news Jim, but why not post the issues you have with the Morris chair that caused the setback and you will certainly get help with it to move through the problem. Only then go back to the spinny side.

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