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Thread: Wood for cooking implement --

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    Wood for cooking implement --

    I've been trying to find a good wood to make a spoon and a spatula from; something pretty, as it's intended as a gift. I had hoped to work with olivewood, but I haven't been able to find a good piece that's a suitable thickness; I'm hoping to find a thin stock piece, about 1/4" thick, for the spatula, as I don't have the tools to work it down from much bigger than that at the moment.

    I've been able to find some other woods that look nicely striking, such as Bolivian rosewood and Cocobolo in a size that would work for me, but I'm not sure of their suitability for cooking implements; I nearly bought the former, but the guy I was going to buy it from suggested that because some people may have allergies to it, it may not be suitable. I also know that a friend of mine had suffered with an allergic reaction to cocobolo, which made me hesitant to consider that one.

    So...are there any other good exotics for this that have a similarly pretty grain, but may be suitable for this sort of tool? I was very disappointed not to be able to use the olive, as it has such a pretty grain and such a good reputation for use in cooking implements; but I'm hoping to find something else that'll suit me instead, so please, make any suggestions you can think of!

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    Robert, I know you asked for exotics, but I would recommend cherry. It is a beautiful wood that ages well, works well, and can be finished with olive oil, mineral oil or walnut oil, and will hold up well for cooking. I've had some cherry utensils that we've used for years. I've also made salad tongs of curly maple, finished with shellac, that have also done well.
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    We still have a few maple wooden spoons that I made 10 years ago. Use them almost everyday.
    Cherry is a good idea. My wife has been asking for new salad tongs and toaster tongs. I have some nice cherry shorts kicking around and will give it a try.
    I think I have a couple of 10-12" length pieces of cherry I planed down to 1/2", You are welcome to them if you want.
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    I do love the color of cherry, it ages beautifully; but I was hoping for something with a little more grain or figure for this. With that in mind, though, curly maple is certainly a nice idea! I'll try looking that up -- hopefully I can find a nice piece that I can work with.

    Maybe I'll make a set of each, cherry, one curly maple. I like the idea of that...

    Thanks for the offer of the 1/2" cherry! Honestly, I love woodworking people -- I've never met such a generous bunch in my whole life. I'll try to find a piece myself first, but even if I don't need the offer, it's put a smile on my face that'll last the whole day -- thanks!

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    While pretty, the curly maple might fail in use. The 'curly' part is quite weak. You might turn a dowel first and test.
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    I've made a bunch from walnut, cherry, maple and birch.

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    Is there any concern for toxic leaching from wood for utensils? I have always heard only use fruit wood for baby rattles/teething toys as there isn't any concern with toxic reactions. Just wondering.

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