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Thread: Crown molding and trim (another good book)

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    Crown molding and trim (another good book)

    Seeing Darrens post on his trim and beadboard reminded me to post the book i bought on the subject.

    Its a great book and makes light work of getting the angles for all sorts of mitre work. Also has plans and instructions in it for making containers with angled sides and multiple pieces like an old wine barrel style.

    Here it is

    You can get it at

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    I probably could have used that. Will have to see about picking one up sooner or later, may have some more crown to do before I'm done with my remodel.

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    I found that book very helpful. Lowe's carries it too. Despite all the great info in the book my crowns still needed a lot of painters putty at the joints.

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    I don't trust any book that is trying to sell you a tool on the front cover
    Like that's the only way to find the angle
    It could be worse You could be on fire.
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    Chuck the one good thing about this book i think is if you have a mitre saw that does not have a big enough blade to be able to put the crown up against the fence so you can cut the mitre in one cut, then this book has tables of every angle and its corresponding cut angles to achieve the same compund mitre. This allows a person who wishes to do large moulding with a small blade to make the cuts. Of course the small blade too needs to have a tilting blade as well.

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    I have that book and used it when I put up the crown molding in my home. It's pretty good. But putting crown on cathedral ceilings is difficult, no matter how good the book is.

    Regarding selling on the front cover. He does sell some tools you can use, and he uses his tools in the pictures. But I certainly don't see anything wrong with that. He's has to use something and he's not going to use some other company's tools in his book.

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    I've done crown for 20++ years before I found that
    book .

    Especially like , the methods for changing planes

    It's worth every cent .

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