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Thread: Is this really FAS Poplar?

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    Is this really FAS Poplar?

    Hi all - this is a question about a delivery of lumber I took the other day. Actually, this is my first big order of lumber ever, a total of 300 BF. (I suppose there is a stealth gloat here as well - at least for a new guy.)

    Since I'm new to buying lumber from somewhere other than a retail outlet, I wanted to check with you folks before I register a complaint with the vendor. This lumber was shipped a long way so returning it would be something of a last resort but I would love to get some advice on how to proceed.

    First, please take a look at these pics and let me know if I should be as disapointed as I am. I ordered a 100 BF of FAS poplar (in the middle of the pics) for some painted built-ins that I'll be working on because I thought it would be a good stable hardwood to work with and I didn't care about the green/brown streaks because I'm planning to paint this project. But, what I didn't expect were all the knots and checks and the narrow boards - this is going to take a lot of wood filler and messing around for FAS, at least that's my thought. Also, by my calculations, we're really looking at about 92 BF, not the 100 that I ordered. (In the pics of the entire haul you're also seeing 100 BF of Red Oak and 100 BF of White Oak - those I'm fairly happy with.)

    So, do you agree that I have a legit gripe and if so, what have you seen as resonable remedy considering this was shipped to me from a mill pretty far away.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts.
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    Where are my manners?

    Forgive my manners, I've not properly introduced myself and you can see that I'm new. I've posted a quick hello in the Welcomes forum and will post more soon. As they say, long time reader, first time poster. ;-)
    Thanks for so many great posts to all of you both here and when I followed you back at SMC. So, hello... and thanks again for taking a look.

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    I don't know what FAS means. But, if you are shafted by only 8% from a mill, that doesn't seem too bad. Might still be worth a phone call. Who knows, they might give you some credit against a future order.

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    tim, spread out the boards to take a picture and photograph them with a tape measure.....then phone your salesman and let him/her know about the problem.
    i`d suggest asking for an account credit of the difference between #1 or#2 common and fas for the amount of defective wood.....then be sure on your next order to bring up the discrepency and ask nicely that it not be repeated...
    remember at most yards the person taking your order never even sees what ships...they just fill out a load ticket and pass it to the warehouse guys who sometimes read and understand what you`re ordering... tod
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    Here's the vendor's description of FAS - I'm assuming it's Firsts and Seconds aka S&B?

    "FAS Highest grade 83-1/3% or better clear cuttings. 6 or wider, 8 and longer in the rough. Some species allow for narrower boards and shorter lengths (Walnut and Cherry for example)."

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    I work for a lumber company. No that is not acceptable as FAS. However it is common to have some #1 and #2 Common in a bundle. Do what Tod says and they should take care of you.


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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Well if thats the best sides you are showing, you got plenty of #2 in there.

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    i agree with the others. if my supplier shipped me that i'd have a problem with it, unless I asked for #2.

    As for the 92 vs 100 bdft, what were you charged for on your invoice? the reason i ask is if i ask my supplier for 300 bdft, it is seldom i actually get 300exactly. actually for me he usually sends more. but of course he charges for it.

    i hope they fix the problem. if not maybe try a different place next time.

    be sure to post pics of what you do with all that wood.


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    I would be definately ringing their phone to complain about having paid good money for bad lumber. That happens to me once in a while and I have found out that they will work pretty hard to keep my business. Not too long ago I got shorted on some hickory I was making a set of doors from. They replaced the shorted amount quickly and delivered it the next day after I reported the shortage. Of course we are dealing with different suppliers but they are just waiting for you to tell them what is right.
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