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Thread: Euro style cabinet build

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    Euro style cabinet build

    Who has built euro style cabinets? Looking for a few tips on doing it. I know the methods are different so a link to a good book would be helpfull.

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    Here is a link that might help you out Al.
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    I have quite a few books on kitchen cabinets (Jim Tolpin's, Jere Cary, Udo Schmidt, Danny Proulx to name a few)(I know, I have a book problem!) and the best is Robert Lange's "The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker". It shows you how to build the European style and face frame style.

    It is not often that you run across a resource this good, that makes you confident enough to recommend it. Two thumbs up!

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    Excuse my ignorace but I'm european and I have no idea how those cabinets look like, during the tour I learnt about european hinges, so I guess that is somehow related to it.
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    Most of the time, people who say Euro style cabinets simply mean no face frame. That is what I try to do for most of my cabinets. Construction is simpler - no face frame. A plywood box with today's technology, plywood, and glues is ample without needing a faceframe to keep square. Traditionally the door overlaps the sides, to hide the plywood (or ugh particle board melamine), but without wear on the sides, iron on edge banding is ample. Without the face frame, your opening is about 1 1/2 inches wider, so better use of cabinet space. The Euro hinges firmly attach to the sides of the cabinet, not just a wimpy attachment to the edge of the face frame.

    The full deal includes the ability to knock down cabinets (I don't do that) to help people move their kitchen cabinets at the same time they move the rest of the furniture (so I hear, at least in some European countries). It includes slightly different counter height and cabinet spacing, so that the 5 mm shelf pins can be 32 mm apart, top to bottom, and include drawer slides in the same pin holes. Simple answer, I stay with North American cabinet sizes, and 1/4 inch pin diameters, but have found 32 mm spacing it attractive to my customers - 1 inch was too close, 1 1/2 inches too far apart.

    See my web page on full overlay and half overlay hinges, which give a lot of hints about using euro hinges on face frame as well as the euro cabinets I prefer.
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    Thanks all. Just ordered a few more boks. I already have everything to make them(edgebander- Blum hinge drill/inserter) plus all the basics. Charles, I will probaly asking you alot of questions along the way. I am going to do a mock up cabinet tommrow and see how it goes. If I like it I might start doing more of them.

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