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Thread: new jigsaw, brad and pin nailers

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    new jigsaw, brad and pin nailers

    since i couldn't find my old brad nailer (still good, but doing a very, very, very good job at hiding from me), i picked up a new rigid one, and while i was at it, picked up the rigid pin nailer as well. also, a couple of weeks ago, my brother was using my old ryobi jigsaw at our sister's house, and the wind (really windy that day) blew it off the edge of the table, and knocked out a good chunk of the casing. well, he felt bad about it, and bought me a new one from black and decker. seems to be a good one, and a lot heavier than my old one.
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    You'll find your old brad nailer - tomorrow, at the latest, I'm sure!
    Jim D.
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    your brad nailer's hiding in the same place my heat gun is.
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    3 nice additions Don. Nothing like a new tool to make the day brighter
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DeLaney View Post
    You'll find your old brad nailer - tomorrow, at the latest, I'm sure!
    Yeah, I say we start a pool right now . Congrats on the goodies Dan.
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