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Thread: A great day.

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    A great day.

    Saturday I went down to spend some time with my dad. He has been busy cleaning out alot of thing since my mom passed in April. I have been there a few times since she passed but yesterday was the best. He still lives on the farm that he and mom lived on for 63 years and the place I still call home. It was harvest time and all the srping and summer rains had washed out a crossing to a field of soybeans. Together we hauled dirt and rebiult the crossing. Plus I toured the farm again. He has a bunch of trees that he wants taken down so there is more lumber for me. Saturday evening LOML and I went to a marching band competetion. Our exchange daughter is in the band so we watched her along with so other very good bands. It was in the low 40's with a breeze. We were chilled but it was a great day.

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    Every day God gives us is a gift, you just had the type of day to realize it. Ain't it grand!!!!???!!! Sounds like a good time. In the event I didn't realize it, sorry to hear about your mom. Dad sounds like he has some pluck and the "git 'er done" attitude. Beans and corn are flying out of the fields here at record pace.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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