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Thread: Winter plans?

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    Winter plans?

    Now that is has started to cool down in most of the areas. What are your winter plans? Big projects? Shop improvements?

    I think I am going to do so upgrades to the shop as a whole. Get the miter saw station done. Work on some of the planes and saws I have purchased. Couple new lights. Maybe even an emergency light for if the power goes out.

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    Great idea for a thread Steve.

    I am about two months behind my initial plans. I was expecting all my outside work (yard and house) to be done by August 15th, then a month of shop re-org and followed by a month of finishing the kitchen. Then I was going to start woodworking. Notice I did not consider kitchen cabinets "woodworking".

    Well, reality (due to my slowness and increased scope) is I won't be done outside until the end of October (I hope!). I have big plans for the shop re-org and am looking forward to getting to that.

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    Cleaning and organizing the shop must be the first step. Then I hope to improve some of the lighting--I have the lights, just need to hang and wire them. LOML wants new trim in the fireplace area of the family room. Then I want to put new fronts, doors and drawers, on a cabinet in the bathroom. I plan to surprise her with roll out shelving in the kitchen cabinet after that. I hope to experiment with a new to me Ring Master and see what it's really like. Some lawn furniture for us and Dad's would wrap up the planned work. But we all know plans are made to be changed.


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    I'm always thinking a shop reorg is in order...sometimes my wife asks if I plan on doing any woodworking or just move things around out there. I do plan on moving things around a little to make things flow better. If that goes well, my wife will be able to get her car in there too...I'm only 3.5 years behind on the deadline for that!

    This winter we hope to do a little finishing to the basement if funds allow...if they don't, start some of it and finish as the money becomes available. Other than that, I will be turning quite a bit as I have a good stash of wood ready to go!
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    I'd like to finish hanging the conduit and pulling wires so all outlets are live and on different circuits as well as get my dust collector under the lean to spitting dust and chips into a gravity wagon. Biggest plan for this winter, stay warm!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    keep from freezing....
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    Re organize the shop, build more stuff, Gonna take a stab at doing some speculation work to test the waters.
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    I'm sure the colder it gets, the more I'll be working on getting the shop sealed up, insulated, and heated. Took a walk around it yesterday and realized that the previous owner sided over a spot that used to be a gable vent. However, the metal was on the inside, which lets the rain run right down the outside wall and into the back of the shop.

    Also have to install a header over the side garage door as it looks like they cut out the post in the middle, which is letting the trust/roof sag in that area creating a gap where the edge of the roof meets the wall.

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    Build boats, paddle the kayak.......... hum, sounds like my summer plans.
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    Somewhere in early December I will put away the shop fans and bring out the heaters. The dresser I am planning after the current project should run me through New Year's accounting for interruptions like Christmas gifts . . . Oh yeah . . .

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