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Thread: Flea market 10-5-10

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    Flea market 10-5-10

    Tried out a new flea market today. Met a lot of good folks and had some long chats with some really nice older folks. Seen a bunch of old Stanleys in a private collection.

    Now for what I drug home. To be honest I left a bunch there. I just didn't take enough money along. They all need some work, but the prices were great.

    Bailey #8 Type 17, bailey #7 Type 11, bailey #6C type 17 and bailey #6C type 16

    Bedrock 606C

    Bedrock 604, Ok the side is broken out. Figure somebody might need it for parts.

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    PLEASE! Get the red paint off that Bedrock!

    Seriously, they all look like they'll clean up well. Even the broken #4 will still make a decent user for the non-discriminating.

    Now tell us the good part: How Much?
    Jim D.
    Adapt, Improvise, Overcome!

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    #8= $35
    #7= $25
    #6= $15 each If anybody wants one of these, speak up.
    606C= $15
    604= $70

    The only way the guy would sale me the #7 was if I gave him $15 for the 606. I ask him if he thought it shouldn't be higher. He said if he had time to clean the paint off, he would have charged $25. What doesn't make since is the paint is fresh.

    I am going to clean up the 606, but it will have to wait a bit.

    I left three #5 for sure and a bunch of block planes, hand drills, breast drills, draw knives. Going back when funds build up. Oh, I also got a thumb hole Disston and another disston.

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    Ok Steve I thought you had to be at school. You playing hookie already.

    I think you been watching that American Pickers show on TV you becoming a plane picker or rather tool picker, but i aint complaining.

    Thats a real nice haul, soon the ebay boys will be putting a hit out on you.

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    Tuesdays are my day off.

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