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Thread: all this talk about retirement !

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    all this talk about retirement !

    Do you love the Job your in ?

    I am in a shop which was my dream my hobby. It became my work, Do you love what you do ?
    I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.
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    I have never thought of my career as work. I have loved it for the past 20 years or so. The past couple have been stressful due to the economy. I consider myself lucky.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Never took a job that i did not enjoy doing. Dont quiet see how i would be able to do something i dont enjoy and cannot get passionate about. Life is too short to be unhappy for minimum 40 hours a week. Considering you spend most of your awake life doing it.

    I started out doing my hobby as a job and it killed the hobby still liked the job. Thats why i wont ever think of woodworking as a living cause then i wont have a hobby.

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    My hobby is entirely different from what I did in my career... I enjoyed the work I did in my career, but eventually did get burned out... I'm trying to make extra money off my hobby and in that sense it's become a job, but one that I enjoy....
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    I do what I enjoy and get paid for it as a bonus. The job loss earlier this year turned out to be a blessing as I had gotten tired of what I was doing there and needed a slight change. I've also been lucky (or dumb?) enough to be able to try doing things that interested me, some were good, some were good learning experiences of what I didn't like.

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    Love my job. Been doing the same thing for 28 years. Fortunately the field has changed a bit along the way and held my interest. If I could retire this very moment, I would be out the door before I hit the submit button on this post. No sentimentality here, the field doesn't really nurture that sort of thing. There's no chance of me going idle and getting bored when I retire. I've got way too much to do.
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    I had a great job for one corp. for 42 years. But when I had an offer I couldn't refuse this spring--well it was time. It has been a great, admittedly different, life since I retired.


    "Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."
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    I love my job, my boss (me) is great to work for.

    Seriously, I love taking a pile of lumber and build someones dream.

    The aches and pains from all the heavy lifting through the years is beginning to catch up with me though, that is the only downside.
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    I don't look at it as retirement, I look at it as a change in career paths...
    "There’s a lot of work being done today that doesn’t have any soul in it. The technique may be the utmost perfection, yet it is lifeless. It doesn’t have a soul. I hope my furniture has a soul to it." - Sam Maloof
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hawksford View Post
    Do you love the Job your in ?
    Love is a strong word.

    I look at it this way... How many people would quit their current job if they suddenly won a few million bucks? I suspect that the answer would be a surprisingly large percentage of the population.
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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