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Thread: Good buy

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    Good buy

    Wanted to get some input before I plunge in and replace my Craftsman

    Opinions matter!!!
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    Seems a bit pricy to me. Around here you can usually get a 10-12" BS for $50-100. For that price you can get a 14" rigid from Home depot or one of the new polar series from Grizzly plus shipping.
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    Well, I don't know about your part of the country, bit that does seem pricy to me. And with Shop Smith seems to me they have some unusual sizes on things that makes a little hard to replace things or upgrade them. I don't know if that applies to their bandsaws.
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    seems like a lot for that saw, expand you search like maybe check craigs list in the Stockton or Sacramento area, I just did a quick search and theres lots out there.
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    I have to echo the others, too much money. It is a small saw, used and, being SS, very proprietary in it's parts, sizes and such. A new Grizzly G0555 is about $450.00 before freight. That would be a much better tool and investment.
    That SS is worth, IMHO, no more than about $100.00.
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    Same here.
    I had one. It's ok but nothing to write home about.
    I'd keep searching.
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    I have a Shopsmith bandsaw and couldn't be more pleased with it. Mine is powered by my Shopsmith and I have a newer table than what the picture of the one for sale shows and also I have the Kreg fence. I have a small shop thus the reason for having a Shopsmith instead of individual stand alone tools. The price for a new bandsaw and power stand is about twice what this individual is asking and it has a larger table. The asking price in my opinion is on the high side. Not knowing what your needs are, it is hard for me to give a recommendation either for or against. The two links below give you some information both about the bandsaw and the power station. Hope this helps you in your decision.
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    I will agree with all of the rest to make it unanimous. Way too high of an asking price

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    I have to agree it is priced way to high. I am happy with my Griz G0555 for slightly more. It does everything I have asked. I also got the riser block.
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    Has anybody mentioned that the price seems high?

    From what I've seen the Shopsmith is an excellent saw in its size category, but in my opinion it's overpriced new, and this used one is definitely overpriced.

    Here's something I'd say is better, and it's less money:
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