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Thread: before and after knives

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    before and after knives

    I was digging through my knife and found these disasters. I made these years ago before I had any tools to speak of. Decided they could be improved on a little. The top one in the "before" shot is a boot knife I carried clipped inside my cowboy boots for years. The rest fall in the classification of 'usin' knives. All pretty poorly done. A little time with the belt sanders and they have been improved upon a little.
    Now, I need to go back to photography school. These pics are awful. Oh, well.
    BTW, in the "finished" pic, the belt knife was dipped in dark poly stain. The second from top is Cocobolo and antler. I just wiped it with mineral oil. The last two are maple and I tossed those in the stabilizing pot with some other wood I was doing a stable on. Other than that, no finish on these two.
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    Pretty cool knives Frank I like the little boot knife
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    Frank I like'um , The oak with brass brads is a good skinner. I have a few of them. Good steel.
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    Nice upgrade on all of them, Frank. Funny what time, experience, and better tools can do, huh?
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    Now you've given them 25 years more of life, they look great and happy. That's what I like about restoring any tool, (knives are tools after all).
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