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Thread: So whatcha Building

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    somewhere east of Queen Creek, AZ - South East of Phoenix

    So whatcha Building

    I presently have 3 project going well actually 4. I have two tables I am building 1 glass cabinet and a stand for the cabinet. So what are yall building.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Bookcase . Shed and sprinkler system in the backyard .
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    Planning on something.
    Going to start it sometime.
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    Wainscoting in dining room (actually cutting wood and should have it ready for finish today), 2 urns (slipping work on these in between house updates), fireplace built-ins (these are still on paper but I need to start on them soon if I want to have them done before my bride arrives).
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    Currently this 2 story garage. Just installed skylights and shingles yesterday.

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    Finishing a recent remodeling project. Still left to do:

    Drywall, tape and mud a closet.
    10 cabinet doors
    finish trim in added on room
    make (first time) and install cove moulding

    AFTER that, get started on xmas gifts for staff and friends. If I can figure out how, 20 or so peppermill grinders. I wish I knew someone local who could "mentor" me through the first one or two.

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    Long list of things for a contractor:

    14' 8"x8" beam cover poplar stained cherry
    145' 6" crown poplar stained cherry
    60' 6" crown primed white
    40' chair rail poplar stained cherry
    50 LF of cabinets poplar stained cherry, 4 of them will be glass panels
    40' 8" base stained cherry
    75' 4" casing stained cherry, 30' primed white.
    20' maple railing
    97" poplar stained cherry mantel.
    Other then this setting up the shop.

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    Seven cutting boards. Should have them all ready for finishing this week.

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    Just doing some final sanding on the pie safe before putting on the finish. The punched tin blanks are due in a few days.
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    Indianola, Ia about 12 miles south of Des Moines
    I just put the last coat of finish on 8 more permee caskets. Then onto 2 baseball show cases and a doll clothes armoir.

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