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Thread: Finishing off some bits lying around

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    Finishing off some bits lying around

    I've had these two hollow forms hanging about waiting to be finished for a while and today was their lucky day.

    This one is pear with a banksia nut colar turned thin so the seed holes penetrate right through. [IIt's 6 1/2" tall[/I]

    This is hawthorn and had splits down the neck which have been filled with brass. Again 6 1/2" tall.


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    Pete, both are beautiful. I would have liked to see a little bit of extra curve on the neck of the first piece. It looks more like a Y. Or maybe it appears so in the picture.

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    Those are beauties Pete. I agree with more curve on the neck of the first one. Keep'em coming.
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    Thanks both.I hadn't noticed that about the curve, it shows more in the photo than in real life (I just went and checked) but you are right, I was trying to follow the line of the body but could have bent it a little more perhaps.


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    That Hawthorne is over the top! Superior work Pete!!
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    Wow, that hawthorn sure has some nice colors in it. I also like the pear/banksia combination. Nicely done on both counts, Pete.
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