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Thread: Anyone ever take a woodworking class??

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    Anyone ever take a woodworking class??

    I am in the midst of a quandry. My teaching license needs renewed by Oct. 4, 2012. So, I am looking into specific classes that will make me more relevant in my teaching area instead of the standard college course work. I have my Bachelor's diploma and 30+ hours in a Master's program (no masters as I was removed from the program during the last class. Long story. Always ends the same way!! ) Anyway, looking at two options right now, one is:
    This is a turning class as you can tell if you look at the information. This is this year's class info as the dates for next year are set but the information is the same.
    I am also looking at a welding class for a week in Oklahoma. Don't have the information here at home.
    Just wondering if anyone has any first hand knowledge of the Marc Adams school and a specific class or instructor. Gladly hear all information.

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    Alan Lacer is really good! CSUSA also offers courses too. I plan on taking one next year to un-learn all my bad habits! Either one of them would be a great experience.
    Regrettably, the welding course my be more useful in terms of an employable skill
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    Jon, I've heard a lot of good things about the Marc Adams school, not only from students, but from pros who are asked to teach there.
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    We had a lady in out woodworking club that took Marc Adams class on design. She said that it was a great class.

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    Been there several times, Marc has top notch instructors for all of the courses he offers.


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    Jonathan, not that class you are after but a review, none the less. Pretty much what you always hear about Adams school.

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    May have already seen this, but FWW has a list of schools:

    There's always the North Bennet ($)treet ($)chool:

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    I have... In fact, I have a BS in Industrial Tecnology with a Certificate for teaching grades K-12 followed with a Masters in Education with emphisis in vocational exploration, followed by further post graduate studies in Education resulting in an over certified retired old Woodworking teacher.

    I started reading the post thinking you were talking about the classes they offer at WWing supply stores, hoping to find out if they were worth the cost and effort.

    As for re-uping the certificate, Here in KY it requires completion of a prescribed college curriculum to get a rank 2 (or life certificate) just picking out the classes you like or have interest will not satisfy the requirements. I bet Ind. has the same requirements.

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    I took a class last year at Mark Adam’s School with Bill Hull on veneering… All I can say is that everything was top notch from the school accommodations, to the instructors, to the people attending and would highly recommend it. I am looking at going to another class in August if everything works out.


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