I normally find Woodcraft to be higher priced than others but, I do take advantage of some of their deals. The 50% off Clearance Items sale is on now (select "Clearance" from the left hand side of the main page). There's a couple hundred items, different ones will interest different folks.

If any of you went with JessEm's slot mortiser, the accessories are there. If you've thought about one but the $150 price tag stopped you, get the whole kit for $56 in this sale. I'm a Mortise Pal guy myself, too bad those aren't on sale for $56.

There are some great prices on Whiteside, CMT and WoodRiver bits. I picked up a few profiles I have always wanted but wasn't willing to pay $70 to $100 for . . . $34? Yeah, I'll take one for that price.