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Thread: Got Bored

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    Got Bored

    Didn't have time to do a bird house, But wanted to knock something out before heading back to work. I used the Ruth Niles mandrel, but wanted to keep a lot of the wood. I had this chrome stopper on the bench. It's stepped to the small base of the wood which I kinda liked. Buckeye with 4 coats of rattlecan lacquer.
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    great looking stoppers. I am in the process of making some myself.

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    Perhaps you need to get bored more often if this is the sort of result you get from it


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    Nice job, Jim. That buckeye sure is some nice wood. I prefer a smooth joint between the wood and the stopper, but you weren't making this one for me. If you're happy with it, that's all that matters.
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    Well by the time i got to the end of all the posts Vaughn had said exactly what was on my mind. That buckeye is such a cool wood.

    Now i know nothing about it or where you get it etc. I realize its a burl but what tree? Buckeye? Can you fill me in. I still drool over Mark Cothrens turning here. For me there has never been a better piece of turning shown. I wish i had the money to make him a offer he could not refuse for this piece.

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    Jim that is a looker. I really like that wood.
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