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    Table top

    Looking for some advise! I have a solid oak table,which is about 2 yrs old. Kids had a wee party Place matts got soaked with beer and left over night. Resulting in some milky stains. Is there any thing I can do to repair this with out having to strip the top and refinish?

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    YES! Have the kids strip and refinish it since they did it.

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    I second Jeff's motion.

    Except you do the work and bill them.



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    Sounds like stripping is in order....

    And as others have said, sounds like a job for those beer chugging kids

    Pictures...I want pictures...of THEM sanding and refinishing!

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    Kurt, if the finish is laquer or varnish, I have had good luck in the past using a product of "Formbys" with very good results. Just follow the directions on the can and apply it with steel wool in a circular motion and it will dissolve the finish and let it reflow. If the finish is old and has dirt, grease, etc or has darkened considerably, you can wipe it off while it is still wet, then apply one more quick application to get it really clean, then let it dry and reshoot the finish. You will be amazed at how quick this can be done.

    I absolutely hate strippers, so this stuff is a 100% better option for me, and is much faster and easier to use. (Simple too, which fits me to a "T")

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    This is in the "what do you have to lose" category.

    I don't know where I learned it, but it took out some white water stains from glasses left on an antique table

    Slather it with mayonnaise, (the real stuff none of the "lite" concoctions) let it sit over night or longer, wipe off the stains may be gone

    If not then you can follow Per's advice.

    Good luck

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