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Thread: Last Phase Hollowing Rig

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    Last Phase Hollowing Rig

    Today i fiinished up the little things and tried the rig out on a much larger pc of olive wood. I took off the safety stops and wired up the laser to test it out (5 volt laser from Laser Land). The log is 15" long and 12 1/2" wide.
    I drilled a deep hole with a old bit I had by welding in a pc of drill rod (see picture #1).
    I hollowed as usual by hand for awhile and then setup the rig as shown in the pictures below (pictures 2-5) . It cut great until i got about 2/3 of the way into it and then it started acting very jerky. I tried raising up the tool rest but it didn't seem to work and then tried rotating the cutting tip down slightly - didn;t help either... I had to reposition the cutter several times due to the jerking tork that the tool was getting.
    What im wondering is if I should have made the cutting tips so they just solidly mount into the 3/4" round bars instead of the adjustable one ive been using (picture 6). Like taking the bar steel and putting a 45' hole in it with a set screw to hold the cutter and I could do the same for a straight tool...........thoughts ??
    Anybody have any other ideas ????

    thanks Dan
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    I'd make at least one more tool holder for it, drill at a 45 and make that holder straight, no goose neck, make it thicker steel even if you can get some. Mine are, IIRC, about 20mm in diameter which is just over 3/4" and I have not had a problem with them.

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    I will chime in. Stu has some good advice. I have even used some 1" bar for my snake. Especially when you are reaching over the tool rest a ways.

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    Looks like it works good, Dan. Ditto on the previous advise about bigger boring bars and the need (or lack thereof) for the bigger bars to be goose necked.
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