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Thread: Europe to Japan on a bike?????

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    Europe to Japan on a bike?????

    ??????.......I don't think so.
    A Yahoo story is saying a Frenchman is riding, or rode, a solar powered bicycle from Europe to Japan. I just don't believe it. Small obstacles along the way, like the mid-east, many mountains, several wars, China, pretty big and unfriendly then a little sea, the Sea of Japan. And that isn't even counting all the miles.
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    Heck, Europe to Japan? That's not news...we've got one that went from Canada to Japan.

    I agree, that's a bit unbelievable.
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    I guess they ride around in circles on a ship, when in the water.

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    Check this out...this guy is from Des Moines and has already swam the English Channel, biked across Eruope and into areas east and then will climb Mt. Everest. He calls it the World Tri. I've been following him on FB and some of his adventures are amazing!
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