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Thread: Shallow Siberian Elm Bowl

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    Shallow Siberian Elm Bowl

    This is some Siberian Elm I got last year from big tree that was taken down in my neighborhood. It's been rough turned for about a year and a half, but I wasn't looking forward to finishing it because past experience with other blanks from this tree has shown me how hard Siberian Elmcrete can be once it's dry. (I still have to finish turn the 20" mother bowl this one was cored out of. I'm not looking forward to the process.)

    This is nothing fancy, just a shallow bowl, but the figure's pretty nice...this blank was from a crotch in the tree. It's about 13" wide and 2 1/4" tall. I decided to do a slight ogee profile on the outside, just for grins. The finish is polymerized tung oil from Lee Valley. This one still needs buffing and waxing, but I'm in no hurry.

    Click on the pics to see a bigger view...

    Comments, critiques, suggestions, and questions are all welcome.
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    I didn't know that there were any elm trees left in the US.

    It's got a lot of character. I really like it.
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    Vaughn that elm may of been a bear to turn,but as always you showed it who was boss. Can't what to see it's momma.

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    Nice and clean shape, very pleasing to the eye the wood has great figure All in all a great piece Vaughn

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    Vaughn that is some pretty wood. I really like the simple shape and finish looks great.
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    Well done Vaughn!
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    Great looking bowl Vaughn! Love the color and grain!

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    "Elmcrete", Heh...

    Sure "turned" out nice...

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    I always amazes me what wood can be pretty. Elm is a weed tree in my area and impossible to get rid of. After seeing that bowl maybe a person should not be in such a hurry to get rid of all of them. That is very pretty.
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    I have to agree with Paul, that's a pretty nice looking weed!

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