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Thread: Attaching wood to brick - Nix the Tapcons

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    Question Attaching wood to brick - Nix the Tapcons

    The time has come (long overdue) for me to begin the built-ins and new mantle for my ugly fireplace. The first order of business is to attach some strapping to the brick to which my cabinetry and over mantle will be fastened. What's the best way to do this?

    My first thoughts were to use Tapcon screws. I've never used them before, but I have heard many raves about them. Do they hold equaly well in brick as in concrete? That's the next question - where should the screws go? In the mortar line or directly into the brick? Does it matter?

    Here is the beast in all its "before" glory.
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    I always do a pinch nail. 1/4 hole into the good part of the brick and 2 16p nails in the same hole.

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    I've used the Tapcons in brick, and they worked quite well.

    Used them to attach a big mantlepiece. A few months later, the homeowner caught her five year old standing on the mantle shelf, so I'd say the Tapcons held pretty well.
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    Rennie good luck on tapcons. I dislike the things immensely. I am old school given what i used back home. Fischer plugs and a screw. Them germans know how to make these things. Not the cheap China knock offs.

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    I have a similar ugly fireplace in our Family Room.

    Several times I have considered ripping out the top half of the brickwork. But we've decided that just putting a big mirror above the mantle will cover up most of the ugliness and make the room brighter and appear larger.
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    Hammerdrill a 3/16" hole thru the wood and into the brick, not the joint as it's too soft. Slide a piece of electrical wire,the white, black or red with the plastic still on it, the same length as the fastener you're going to use into the hole and put in your fastener. I usually use 3" course galvanized spike or 3" screws when attaching 2x4's to concrete or masonry. By leaving the insulating covering on the wire the nail or screw can bite in and really hold well and if you use a screw it can be removed easily. Positioning the fastener at different sides of the wire allows you to pull the wood side to side slightly.

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    Tapcons work great and are perfect for this application.
    You could also use a plastic "hit" anchor or a 1/4" sleeve anchor.

    I've sold millions of tapcons to contractors. Never a problem.

    Always use the horizontal mortar joint. Never the vertical joint.
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    Just use a french cleat on the back of the mantel your
    gonna make

    for the part that attaches to the brick
    use the plastic inserts and screws
    been doing it this way every week for 20 years

    I make mantels for a living
    on your situation , I usually just do 7 by 7 shelf mantels
    7" in height, and 7" in width

    you can make the whole mantel from less than a half
    sheet of veneer

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    Regardless of fastener I'd still apply a liberal amount of PL400 to anything you're sticking on the brick.

    At the very least, some poor fool will curse the day you were born when its replaced.
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    I used to work as a mason's assistant and every mason I ever worked for said to drill anchors in the mortar joint, never in the brick or stone, and not at mortar joint intersection. Something about the compression of the bricks making the joint the best anchor location.

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