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    I'm a real hands on visual person. If there is anyone in the Ohio area that wouldn't mind me looking over their shoulder a bit I would love to get in touch with you.

    I make a pretty nice pen but there is where my expertise ENDS. I need to see someone do something other than a pen so I can watch and then.... well you know... Monkey see Monkey do.

    I'm on this kick to make some hardwood shot glasses, but I have no idea where to start. I would imagine I should probably learn to do something that gets hollowed out first.

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    I'm not in Ohio but I can offer this. Get a hold of any DVD by Richard Raffan or buy his book "Turning Wood", It will get ya off on the right foot.
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    Hey Drew,
    There are 2 great videos that I still refer to on a regulare basis from CSUSA on pen turning. It doesn't get any better than those. Also see if there is a turning club in your area; AAW should have a chapter near by and those guys love to show off

    This link should get you there
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