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Thread: Making a Bowl With A Router

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    Making a Bowl With A Router

    Someone posted a thread not long ago about making bowls with a router, I got this offer in my email, if anyone might want to try this.


    Router Bowl Template
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    Thanks. -- I really like the templates -- the only drawback is price.

    Wish I could win the power ball lottery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Gallian View Post
    Which I could win the power ball lottery.
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    Making a bowl with a router

    Hi Guys,
    I do not have that kind of money either but sprung for it anyway with this thought in mind. You can only make so many bowl or trays then it sits collecting dust. I plan on making christmas gifts, more money for wood, HAY!! why not loan the kit out. You pay shipping both ways only on the return trip you include some wood for bowls. Any takers out there.


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