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Thread: Turning for a Living?

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    Turning for a Living?

    Here's one reason it's tough to make a living as a full-time turner...

    That's a natural edged mango bowl, obviously turned (or cut off the end of a log) wet and left to warp. On sale at Target for $17. Hard to compete with that, when most consumers can't tell the difference between a machine-made bowl and one that you spend hours on.
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    Same problem here in the UK Vaughn, so much of the "consumer" stuff is imported from low labor cost economy areas that it's almost impossible to find a market.
    The few outlets that have a customer base that appreciate home grown hand turned work are soon saturated by those with the contacts or marketing skills.

    Galley work is an even bigger hurdle, getting a name in the right circles is even harder no matter how good the output.
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    If I remember right, I've made mention of this in emails to you in the past.

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