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Thread: Woodburning tool advice needed

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    Woodburning tool advice needed

    I want to try pyrography on some turnings and I know nothing about it. I do know I really like basket weave patterns for starters. Is there a brand of woodburning pen any of you would recommend? Looking in catalogs, I see brands like Excalibre, Razertip, Colwood, and Burnmaster. I like the idea of being able to create a custom shape wire tip, like the Razortip, but I would like to hear opinions and/or recommendations from those of you who have experience. Thanks

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    Molly Winton is the woodburning queen. Massive patterns like the basket weave take a lot of burning. She now has a homebuilt unit utilizing a car battery charger and her own homemade pens.

    Her homemade pens take into consideration longer bouts of burning, such as the basket weave. The commercial ones got too hot to handle for longer periods of time.

    I made the burner for her after I met her at a demo in Phoenix this past year. It is based on Graeme Piddle's burner. There is a lot of information on the web about this. It does require a 'dumb' charger. Keep your eyes pealed at garage sales and such. You don't want to see the word "automatic" on it. Thanks to Don Baer for providing me a manual charger!

    I know she has a little booklet of practical wood burning information for sale for ~$5. More than worth it. Email her. She is a great person.

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    Thanks for the info, Carol. I'll check out the link.

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    Richard, I have a Burnmaster power supply and a combination of Razortip and Burnmaster burning pens. As Carol said, Molly is the Burning Queen, so I suspect she'd be a wealth of info.
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    Good advice. Do check out wood carver supply catalogs.
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