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Thread: the learning curve

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    the learning curve

    This piece is the titled, "the chunk of cherry that refuses to be anything"
    Originally this nice piece of cherry was turned upside down from this view, as I thought the bark would come off - but NO. Not wanting to sacrifice size, I flipped it and "knew" that as a hollow form it looks like a cushman eagle tire, or vespa if you prefer.
    It decided that a hand held gouge should catch and end design #1 problem (just exactly as Ellsworth said it would... going to right of the, er pointy thing in there). Semi open form, until I went through the bottom....
    Being the tenacious type, it's sitting in a box of wood to be dealt with, and apparently it's going to get an addition. of some sort, above and below.
    I thought it was just too nice a piece of wood to let go.... so until the muse strikes......
    I will admit here: I have always loved symmetry to the extent of getting bad grades in art classes - so the lathe is perfect! We'll just have to see as I progress (plz oh cosmic deity of the spinny) if it becomes a trap. One of my "mentors" reminded me to have fun... grrrrrrrrrr.... which of course is what it's all bout.
    I do have some success stories and will post a couple as time goes on. I started to try to turn bowls in June. I'm a 120 day wonder!
    Thanks for looking!
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    We all start somewhere. It looks like it will come out looking good.

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    Bark on the outside is cool...just another dimension as you look around. Bound to happen with that grain!!
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    Bummer about going through the bottom. It happens to pretty much all of us eventually. (I've got an 18" elm bowl on my lathe right now with a bottom so thin (maybe 1/16") that the bowl is flopping around as I try to sand it. I'm still trying to figure out how to salvage it without making it look like a salvage operation.
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