I had to make a trip about 65 miles over to Baltimore to buff out 2 table leaves that I waxed to soon after finishing and needed to remove the wax and apply another coat. Perfect.

On my way back to the shop I thought while I was up north a bit I would take the drive over to Leesburg Va hr and 30 minutes and pick up 3 mirrors and a table to refinish and gild. While I was there we started talking about this painting the lady of the house had commissioned another artist to do but it was not to her liking at all. She asked what I could do and my thoughts. After a 30 hr critic she said take and do what you think best. It's a large Last Supper painting. The artist paint all the attention to the faces , that's all. The rest looks like it came out of a coloring book and the perspective is all wrong. I will leave the faces alone except for toning to give light perspective the rest will be redone. I get picks up today.
The farm is circa 1780's and laid out by the man himself George Washington. I love these historic places.