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Thread: securing 2 tables together?

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    securing 2 tables together?

    I might be having a duh moment, but Im stuck with this slight problem.
    I have one rolling/mobile work table, and one permanent table attached to wall also. Underneath the permanent table is a metal parts cabinet, that cannot be moved and it will be placed flush with front edge of table so access into drawers is easy enough.
    I need to roll the mobile table next to the permanent one and secure it so it wont move so I can use t-track with the mitre and get equal cuts without the table moving 1/8 or a 1/16th.
    I cant clamp them together because the cabinet is flush to front, no where to clamp.
    I cant pass a bolt through because cabinet is in the way and I dont want to have to take out a drawer and start drilling through the cabinet wall to pass a bolt. I want something I can attach and secure steady enough without too much trouble and quick enough that it isnt a time waster. I dont want to spend 15 minutes every time I move the table and need to do one or two mitre cuts of equal length.
    I thought about putting the t track on right side, but I work left side and cant use mitre comfortably measuring wood from right side.
    Any ideas?
    Heres a rough drawing of what I mean, the legs are 3 inches thick, tables are different heights, not making much difference with my problem.
    I also thought about having upper table overlapping bottom mobile table and passing something like a bench dog through to secure, but lathe will be on mobile table right up to the end, I need every inch with this for design reasons.
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    Allen could you use hanger bolts. Screw the one part into the leag and drill a hole through the leg of the other, your could even use wing nuts to make putting em together faster.
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    Assuming the legs are wood, drill shallow holes and screw in rare earth magnets. Available from Harbor Freight and all sorts of other places. Push the mobile close and "click."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    Assuming the legs are wood, drill shallow holes and screw in rare earth magnets. Available from Harbor Freight and all sorts of other places. Push the mobile close and "click."
    Ive only used small ones for jewelry boxes. Im going to look into a more powerful magnet, never crossed my mind, thankyou.
    Id prefer not to use any latches or anything that will be sticking out, as I know already Ill be getting stuck when I move and thats a bad thing when youre a big boy like me without great balance.

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    Old fashioned suitcase latches. Put them with the correct spacing and they will snug the tables together and hold tight.


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    Simpliest would be old fashion Screen Door hooks

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    You could bolt a strip of wood to the floor about 6" from the fixed cabinet. Then you could roll the right side casters over and wedge them up against the fixed cabinet.

    Another idea, put some T-Nuts on a strip of 3/4" wood then screw that to the fixed cabinet. Then you could have a threaded knob or two on the mobile cabinet to screw in and anchor them securely.

    Another line of thinking, is there a wall or anything behind this cart that you can secure it there? Something like a bracket off the back wall with a couple toggle clamps that push down on the top of the mobile cart, or threaded knobs with T-nuts in the mobile cart, etc. You also could have Toggle clamps on the cart that pinch a bracket coming from the back wall into the top of the cart.

    Eye bolt screwed into the fixed table or wall and a bungee cord?

    I like the magnet idea too.

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    Threaded inserts and 4-1/2" bolts with these on them? I assume this is to come and go.
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    How about just a 4 or 5" deck screw from one side into the other.

    Or a 6" wide board by what ever the length is on the shorter side and screw it to both pieces.
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