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Thread: Ci1 Cutters Question - vendor info ?

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    Ci1 Cutters Question - vendor info ?

    Lost my contact info on buying more cutters for my Ci1 and was wondering if anyone else has a vendor contact. I have bought some them before from Dehart and i see some have been buying them from the vendor below. However, I forgot what the dimensions of the cutter were...........
    Does the below sound like the right dimension???

    14mm Length x 14mm Width x 2.0mm Thick - 4-edge - Radius Corners - Carbide Insert - (Priced per knife, sold in boxes of 10.)

    Thanks Dan
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    This place seems to have cutters for everything...don't know prices or if ceramic is a cool thing to use. Never heard of the place so proceed at your own risk. Posted for info only
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