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Thread: WWing with Paws

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    WWing with Paws

    I guess being a Pa Paw gives me experience, but lately I have had some problems, about 3 months ago I started loosing control of my hands and my arms legs and back hae been getting weaker. Dropped 25 pounds w/o trying.

    I can grip somewhat with my fingers but not thumbs and can't easily open a closed fist so that is why I am calling them Paws... I have had cameras probed in every opening in my body (some not pleasent), CAT scaned, MRIs, 16 blood tests, urine analysis, Xrayed top to bottom, stuck with needles and shocked, a whole alphabet of tests w/o any terrible results or any answers, next week a neuroligist will stat testing anew... I already have learned what I don't have...

    I desided this was not going to keep me from my pleasures so (although slow) I am still active. I have always been a Jigs & Fixtures sort of guy so most of my activities are putting together jigs to do what my hands used to do. I'm on hold now waiting till my son comes over and can change the TS blade for me (I tried today but don't have enough strength to loosen the old,
    or tighten the new)

    Today I turned 48 ft. of 3/4" Hard Maple into 3/8" (0.385") for Model T windows... When I get the blade changed, I can setup for joints.
    Oh,well... I'm tired now anyway. (which happens often)

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    Bill, I feel for you now that the cooler temps are hitting AZ my carpel tunnel is kicking in and today I found at time that my hands would crap up so bacd I had to use a table top to get em open and it's not realy that cold, just high 60's
    "There’s a lot of work being done today that doesn’t have any soul in it. The technique may be the utmost perfection, yet it is lifeless. It doesn’t have a soul. I hope my furniture has a soul to it." - Sam Maloof
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    Aww Bill, That must be frustrating.

    What's inspiring is that the will to create is still there and that you are still making stuff!

    I'm know we'd appreciate seeing some pictures of the jigs you've made.

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    Hang in there Bill, they will get it figured out.

    I have had that needles and shock thing. Wow, that will get your blood pumping.

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    hang in there Bill and use both hands to hold your hot coffee cup

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    Sorry to see this, Bill. Not knowing what's causing the problem must be as frustrating as the problem itself. I'll echo Brent in saying we'd enjoy seeing photos of some gigs as you get them built. (Or as you're building them.)
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    Bill, looks like all of the potential bad stuff has been ruled out. That's good. Keep the faith and know that they will figure it out. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers.

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    Hang in there Bill. Hoping for the best I had back surgery 3 weeks ago and my left leg is starting to decide it still belongs to me. A little later the right rotator cuff gets repaired, but I'm left handed.

    Just remember:

    We may be goin' slower but we're still goin'. You kids just have more time to get outa the way!!

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    Hang in there Bill.....better days are ahead

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    Gee Bill that sounds awful. Sending you good vibes from the wet coast. I'd love to see some pictures of jigs if you feel like uploading some. Hope you get some good news soon.
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