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Thread: Some new stuff

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    Some new stuff

    Sorry I haven't been on for awhile please excuse me.

    This is some of my new stuff.

    Click pics for full size.

    well all three of these are made from cherry. the two plates are 10-1/2" & 11" diameter. They are for two of my nieces they loved the pic that I laser engraved for their sister. here Arianna's plate the plates will have Bob Marley pic (Jamacian singer) the other one will have Marylin Monroe's pic. The platter is 15-1/2" diameter & the rim is a deep blue (my SIL loves blue LOML says she has a lot of it in her kitchen) the blue was done using Tombow brush markers The platter will have all three nieces pic laser engraved on it for a Christmas present for my BIL & SIL.

    The two pens are deer antler one is the Wallstreet & cigar. they are for a woman who works with my wife her hubby a middle school principile he's a pen collector & he goes gaga for pens. I've made him 4 previous ones the first two I made for him he sent me 2 cases of Killians Irish red ale.

    Four of these stoppers are for a woman who works with my wife she's paying $40 for each.

    This is for a Clerk that I work with she gave me a huge honey locust tree. I made this bowl for her from some nice Mahogany I had. For some reason I really like the shape of this one.

    Well that's it.

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    Nice stuff Chuck and very beautiful plate/platters. I'd like to see the laser engraving when it's done. Thanks for sharing!

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    Well you might have been away but you sure did turn some beautiful stuff while away. I like the platters. Well done.
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    Hello Chuck.

    You have been busy! Really looking nice - hard to pick my favorite .. I like them all.

    Hope all is well on the other forum.

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    Chuck really great looking stuff.

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    Glad your back and my address for the platter is....All great stuff!
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    It's about time you showed some of these pieces here, Chuck. Nice work all around, although the cherry platter with the blue accent is probably my favorite of all the things I remember seeing from you. Great work, bud!
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    All I can say is I'm sorry.

    But you'll forgive me cause you love me.

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    we were just about to send out a search party. (Don't laugh, they've done it before...)

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    Nice stuff you've made and I agree, I really like the shape of that last bowl.
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