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Thread: TV Stand with Wall Mount

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    TV Stand with Wall Mount

    Here is the TV Stand I made like two year ago with the help of my grandpa, and we built it on a 4 day weekend. Right now I'm planing out a Queen size bed and night stand that match the TV Stand. I made it because I wanted a tv stand with a wall mount on it (I lived in a small dorm at the time). The wall mount is nice because I can put the stand anywhere and all I have to do is move the tv to face where I'm sitting. It is made out of Red oak and walnut the top has walnut inlay in it.

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    You and your Grandpa are talented woodworkers. Its beautiful and nicely designed.

    And, thanks for your service Airman
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    Pretty cool idea and nicely executed! Nice to do the extra inlay on the top.

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    Great job Tim, bet that was a real great 4 day weekend. Sure was productive.

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