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Thread: Rough Cuts????

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    Rough Cuts????

    I noticed a new woodworking show on PBS over the past few weekends with the name Rough Cuts. This may be old news to everyone else but it was a new show for me.

    As Norm ends his long career having taught many of us lots about woodworking I don't see this show being a very good replacement. There seems to be relatively little woodworking in it.

    I can only hope it improves with time....
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    "easy smeezy" He must of said that 10 times

    I saw the first show. Not impressed. I think it will get better as the host gets more experienced with being in front of a camera.
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    I've watche about three episodes so far. Fine Woodworking (online) is hyping it as the 'new Norm,' but I think it's got a ways to go to be that good.

    The show is short on detail and long on design and visits to other places. Perhaps that'll get better over time. Also, in his 'acting,' the host seems a bit rough himself, but if you watch the older Norms, he wasn't always as smooth as in later shows, either, so maybe there's hope...

    Yeah, it ain't Norm, but it's the only substitute available for now.
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    It debuted in my area yesterday - a little light on woodworking and very rough on the teaching aspect, something Norm became quite good at. It seemed as though the show was moving along at 100 MPH so you never got the feeling you were learning anything in detail. Kind of like window shopping from a moving automobile. Right Ely? (Heard that about 6 times) The trestle table was not a difficult build and I think I walked away with the feeling that I just got a 5 min explanation on how the build went rather than participated in the building. Whenever I finished watching an episode of NYW I always felt that I had enough understanding of the project to go out and attempt it myself. I'm afraid Tommy just left me wondering "what happened"?

    I'll continue to watch in hope that it will improve.
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    Still not available around here yet.

    I did go and watch some of his pod casts where I heard he was to host a new show. I really don't think I will watch it, even if it become available. Still think Marc Spagnuolo would have been better. Crazy enough to keep your attention and takes his time to teach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Southwood
    Still not available around here yet.

    I did go and watch some of his pod casts where I heard he was to host a new show. I really don't think I will watch it, even if it become available. Still think Marc Spagnuolo would have been better. Crazy enough to keep your attention and takes his time to teach.
    I have my new directivo recording it. Definitely not Norm, but who is?

    That being said I am giving it a few more episodes... Initial impression was that the host may know some WWing tasks, but he is not a good teacher.

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    Looking at the news lately, it appears Public Broadcasting may get the axe of funds from the Fed. Remember that guy that could paint Yosemite in 30 minutes? Why can't we get that...all the good ones are gone
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    Have watched a couple of shows now to build an opinion. Has a style that doesn't mesh with me. He does some interesting projects, but doesn't go into the how and why of some of the operations he's doing. The fast talk is a turn-off to me also, just doesn't seem he has his heart in the woodworking or teaching it.

    Every show starts with him visiting one of the schools that the guest show a compassion for the art, but it's obvious that he doesn't have a relationship with the guest, they seem turned off by him as well.

    The first show he had a guy sitting with him the whole time. The guy didn't do much, it was like having Ed McMahon with him....just waited for the guy to laugh after every comment the host made.

    Last complaint is that I don't know who the guy is. My HS used to show us the This Old House in our woodshop classes once a week. Norm was a regular there and we got to learn his background.

    I do like the fact he uses some non-power tools and the sponsors aren't pushed within the program.

    IMHO the show has a long way to go and hopefully they are listening to viewers to make it a better show.

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    Tommy is obviously talented. His personal style is not for everyone. The show is not available here as far as I know as I do not have cable or satellite (by choice). I have watched some of his stuff over the years online.

    For some reason I could stare at Norm for a whole show if I caught one. I don't really recall many of the furnishings that Norm made that were to my taste but, I would still enjoy watching him. Tommy doesn't connect with me in that way but, I do wish him success. Successful WWing shows may lead to more WWing shows, eh?
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