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Thread: I hate eBay.

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    I hate eBay.

    Its starting to become an addiction.

    Just bought another Porter-Cable 504 belt sander.
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    I know some people who truly do hate it and won't use it for a variety of reasons.

    I've used it for all sorts of things. If you are patient and do your research and set limits, you can get good deals on things. I like using it. Not everything has to be brand new or the latest model! (Yeah, I keep telling myself that)...

    I've never been burned using it.

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    Congrats on the new Sander Karl!

    I've only gotten burned by either buyers not paying and having to re-list. Or by sellers not responding because their item sold for less than they wanted. Neither cost me anything other than wasted time.

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    No complaints on anything related to the process, other than if I'm not careful I could start a sever shopping addiction. So much stuff, so little money...

    Same goes with the McMaster-Carr catalog/site. I just ordered $1800 worth of pipe and fittings to setup the dust collection in the new shop. I don't have a choice there, nothing but some gates was worth salvaging from the old shop, and it needs to be done regardless.

    What I do hate, is PayPal. I've had more trouble for no reason with that. It doesn't get used often, but my account routinely gets locked due to some security issue on their end and it gets to be a hassle after a while.
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    We have sold and bouight tons of stuff on ebay....only got burned once. We have bought and sold items multiple items as high as $8,000. We have had fantastic luck with PayPal....absolutely no problem....we use it every chance we can. I don't recall how many years we've been hooked up with PayPal but its been a long time.
    However more recently we have been using Craigs list whenever possible to avoid the shipping hassle and ZERO cost.
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    I've bid on a few things on ebay but in the last second someone always beats my price. Pretty quick with their typing I guess.
    I have paypal but never keep any more than $5.00 in it. I'd rather pay by credit card but most all the sellers want paypal.

    I've never tried selling anything on it. Been tempted a few times though. CL seems to work pretty good for me.
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